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It’s a well-loved country pursuit, horse riding. Some people ride to unwind out of doors and be in the fresh air while others do it to relax. Or it might be that you’re focused on training, jumping or dressage? Horse riding is energising and uplifting. For dedicated riders who ride the same horse regularly, there’s also the satisfaction in getting to know your horse. As you get to know your horse, it gets to know you. Riding is mentally rewarding, giving you a sense of freedom, whether you ride alone or with others.

As an equine enthusiast will know, equipping yourself with all the right clothing (chaps, breeches, helmets etc) is crucial. The right clothing will make it easier for you to ride while providing protection should an accident occur. If footwear and chaps are what you need to buy online, then you can find a definitive selection at John's Cross Tack Room.

You can buy chaps online with us, with everything from Saddlecraft Amara Half Chaps to Hy Child Two Tone Amara Half Chaps.

We’ve got a shop in East Sussex and an online equestrian shop. We stock a diverse range, which includes items for the rider and the horse.

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