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The Martingale is a strap or set of straps which are designed to control the movement of the horse’s head carriage, preventing the horse from raising its head back too far. There are many different martingales to choose from, but generally they fall into three categories: the standing, the running and the Market Harborough, as well as the Irish martingale. The type of martingale you choose depends on the type of equestrian discipline. Some riders prefer to attach a martingale while others do not, but a martingale is important for your safety and the safety of the horse.

A running martingale is ideal if your horse tends to carry its head too high, and it is often favoured over a standing martingale as with a running martingale the rider has more control over the horse’s head movements.

You can buy martingales online at John's Cross Tack Room. We stock a selection of running martingales from different brands. The running martingale can be used during equestrian competitions, show jumping and general horse racing. By attaching a martingale, you will ensure safety for both you and your horse while riding.

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