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Never happier than when you’ve got two feet firmly in the saddle? Every horse riding enthusiast needs all the right equipment at their disposal, whether that be jodhpurs, the all-important riding hat, or grooming and stable equipment.

Perhaps you keep a horse or horses at your property? Or perhaps you keep a horse at your local stables? If you’re a regular rider, then you’ll want to find a good supplier of equestrian equipment.

John's Cross Tack Room is both a shop in East Sussex and an online equestrian shop. Here you will find everything you might need, from bedding for your horse to rugs and competition wear.

If you own a horse then you’ll know what’s involved in the responsibility of caring for and grooming your horse, and as a rider you’ll know how vital it is to be equipped with all the correct riding gear.

You can find everything you need in the way of equestrian equipment from John's Cross Tack Room. We stock quality products from some of the most renowned brand names in the industry. You can also take advantage of our free returns policy. Find everything you need here.